Early orthodontics

There is no age limitation for orthodontic treatment and you can have this process at any age but as it performs earlier on the youngster’s teeth, it leads to better and faster outcomes. Generally, early orthodontics can begin when all milk teeth are gone and most of the permanent teeth are come in their place (around 9-14). Although some dental or growth irregularities can treat the kid’s teeth before age 8 and may cause some other problems, so they should treat early.

The goal of early orthodontic treatment, also called phase one, is to correct serious bite and jaw problems and providing enough room in the mouth for proper growth of permanent teeth.

Signs your child need an early orthodontics

There are several symptoms that you can find whether your child needs early orthodontic or not including:

  • A speech barrier
  • Biting or chewing problems
  • Early loss of milk teeth
  • Snoring
  • If your child sucks a thumb or finger after five years’ old
  • If your child front teeth are crowded
  • When your child upper and lower jaw do not meet normally

Pros and cons of early orthodontic treatment

Pros and cons of early orthodontic

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits for any age but the great advantages of early orthodontics are preventing adult orthodontic and risk of the surgery in the future. Since in the early ages the jaw’s bone is still soft and they are not hardening, orthodontic treatment will be faster and more effectively than older ages.

The other advantages of early orthodontics  are:

  • Apply the major advantages of the child’s growth.
  • The jaw’s bone is more flexible and teeth can move more easily.
  • Decrease the possibility of removing permanent teeth in the future
  • The time of wearing a full brace is less in childhood
  • It can stop bad habits like thumb and finger sucking

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages with early orthodontics such as it is difficult and boring for children to bear some extra things in their mouth like braces. More addition they can’t clean their braces properly and their parents should regularly monitor their kids’ oral hygiene.

Is early orthodontics right for my child?

early orthodontic treatment

Early orthodontics treatment is not proper for every child. In most cases, orthodontist asks you to wait until all your child permanent teeth come out. But by the help of new technology and according to the doctor diagnosis, early orthodontic treatment can provide significant benefits in many cases.

Type of braces

There are different types of the brace but most children need braces with brackets, wires, and rubber bands. These brackets are attached to the teeth and are connected by a wire and band together. These rubber band can come in fun colors for kids.

Clear aligners are also available options for only some people not everyone. Some children may need some other device which provides stronger force to move teeth in the proper position such as orthodontic headgear. This device is mostly worn at night.

How to prepare your child for braces?

Your children may have some questions about the process before getting the braces. It is very important that you prepare your children and answer all their questions before the treatment. There are some tips to prepare your child for orthodontic treatment as:

  • Discuss with your child about the reason that they need a brace and what they will achieve with this treatment. Before beginning the process explain to them that their brace will be glued to their teeth and wire connects them then colorful elastic will placed over the top.
  • They may be worry that their braces will be painful but you explain them for the first days it may be a little discomfort but over the time they will use to their brackets.
  • Explain them during the initial days they should eat soft food such as pasta, ice cream or mash potato and avoid hard and sticky foods.
  • You can use orthodontic wax for parts that cause sores inside the mouth.
  • Remind your child about the benefits of the early orthodontics. Wearing brace for one or two years is boring for children but you need to focus on the benefits and tell them it is a temporary treatment and after that, they will have a beautiful smile and healthy mouth.

Generally, an orthodontic problem can be correct easier in the early ages and the treatment process is faster.