Teen Oral care and braces

Oral and dental hygiene is very important at any age but for teenagers who transition from childhood to adulthood, it is a critical issue. Since teenagers are more worry about their appearance and their smile so they should observe good oral care for having a beautiful smile. Although they should start proper oral habits from childhood. More addition, good oral care is critical for a teen wearing braces. If they inform about the wonderful and great results of their braces in the future and its effect on their smile, they will be more motivated to practice good dental and oral care. In case of improper teen oral care, it may cause long term issues such as discoloration around the braces, cavities under the braces or even gum diseases.  There are some simple ways that can prevent these matters including:

Regular brushing

Regular brushing

Teenagers who have braces need to increase the number of tooth brushing because food can easily be lodged in and behind the braces and causes tooth decay. They need to rinse their mouth three to four times per day with water to lose foods that may catch in the braces and then brush their teeth properly. It is also recommended per night before sleep, rinse your mouth with a fluoride rinse after brushing.


Some parts of the teeth are difficult to reach with a toothbrush so flossing is a good option to clean these parts from food debris and plaque at and under the gum line. Although flossing with braces is difficult but it is essential for teenagers who wear braces.

Teens with braces not only should practice at home oral care, but also should try to keep their teeth clean when they are at school or traveling.

Eating habits

Teenagers with braces should avoid hard foods such as nuts, hard French bread, whole carrots or apple and ice as well as sticky foods like sticky candy, taffy, and caramels. They should also avoid some chewing habits including pen or pencil chewing or nail biting. All mentioned items can cause breakage of the wires and brackets and damage braces.

Regular dental visit

Regular dental visit

On the other hand, regular visits to the dentist are important for teenagers wearing braces in order to check their braces to ensure whether they are in place or not. The dentist also checks the overall oral health and gum conditions.

Tips for teen oral care

It is recommended a dentist checkups and monitor teen oral care every six months to find out any dental problems. Following are some tips for at home preventative teen oral care as:

  • Avoid tongue piercings because barbells which used in the tongues piercing may break teeth and causes bacterial infections.
  • Teens who involve in contact sports, wear protective mouth gear.
  • Teenager’s teeth nerves are larger which can cause infection so they should have good oral care.
  • Generally, gum disease and cavities occur at this age because of improper oral hygiene.
  • Teenagers girl are more face with the risk of gum disease. According to some studies as the progesterone and estrogen level increase during the puberty, it causes an uptick in blood circulation to the gum of young females. It can lead to gum sensitivity and irritation.
  • Since teenagers are more tend to smoke and use of other tobacco products, they should be informed about dental effects of smoking such as bad breath, stained teeth, oral cancer, bone and tooth loss from periodontal disease and canker sores.

General speaking for having a beautiful smile and healthy teeth you should have proper dental and oral care from childhood. Since teens are busy with their friends and schoolwork they don’t care much to oral care. By making proper oral hygiene part of your daily routine including regular brushing and flossing you can have a healthy mouth. But most people especially teens don’t brush for enough period of time, the proper brushing should last between two to three minutes.

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