Orthodontic rubber bands

Wearing orthodontic rubber bands is one of the important parts of the orthodontic treatment. It is an essential tool for the treatment procedure because make the required force to move the teeth and jaw to the proper position and fit them to gather as well as aligning your bite. You should do full cooperation with your rubber bands in order to get the best results in the shortest time.

You need to wear your elastic rubber band twenty-four hours a day including sleep, play, and eating. You can take them out just to brush, floss and replace them with new ones. It is recommended don’t take the rubber band out while eating and replace them with new ones after each meal. You also should replace the elastic rubber band with the fresh ones every morning. If you play contact sports and need to wear a mouth-guard, you need to take out the rubber bands and after the play put them back.

Generally, you should change your orthodontic rubber band 3-4 times a day or at least every 12 hours, even if they are not broken, because after a few hours they lose their elasticity and strength.

How long I have to wear orthodontic rubber bands?

This is the common orthodontic question. But the answer to this question depends on your bite and how much correction is required. It can last from one month to 6-8 months. During this time, you have to wear them 24 hours unless you have to take them out temporary in the conditions that mentioned earlier such as replacing them with the fresh elastic rubber band, to brush and floss and in case of necessary while eating.

Tips on wearing orthodontic rubber bands

Tips on wearing orthodontic rubber bands

It may take a few days until you get used to your orthodontic rubber bands, it is annoying at the first. There are some tips that help you easily adjust to your rubber bands.

  • Hooking new orthodontic rubber bands on your braces. You should use your thumb and pointer finger to hook your rubber bands on your brackets safely. You need to stand in front of a mirror to do this properly.
  • Change them out daily. Since orthodontic rubber bands lose their elasticity and tension overtimes so you should replace them 3-4 times e day and every morning with the fresh ones.
  • Don’t worry if you lose a rubber band. Usually, your doctor provides you extra rubber bands for your braces.

Color of orthodontic rubber bands

Color of orthodontic rubber bands

Orthodontic rubber bands come in a variety of colors. Usually adult orthodontic patient tends to more neutral colors. But keep it in your mind don’t use brown and black color because it looks like food stuck between your teeth. Silver and gray color are good options that won’t easily be stained. The clear orthodontic rubber band is also another common option but need to watch out for staining. There are also colorful orthodontic rubber bands for children that are interesting for them. You have to offer your child some positive reinforcement and rewards for wearing rubber bands all the time.

Generally, braces and Invisalign are amazing tools for straightening the teeth and aligning the bite. But they can’t do all the heavy lifting by themselves and they need help from other tools such as orthodontic rubber bands. They do an important job by adding extra pressure to your teeth to move them in the proper position.