Can braces cause gum recession?

If you have misaligned teeth, getting brace is a great option to straight your teeth and provide you a beautiful smile. But you may worry that braces cause gum recession. According to different researches, there is a relationship between receding gum and getting brace because of two reasons. First, it is difficult to clean teeth properly while wearing a brace and poor oral hygiene can lead to gum recession. Second, braces can stress gums and detach them from teeth. On the other hand, some other studies showed that there are no increased risks of gum recession with getting braces.

What is gum recession?

gum recession

Receding gum is a process when the margin of the gum tissue surrounding your teeth wears away, pull back, showing more of the tooth or your tooth’s root. In this condition, the gap between your teeth and gum line, make a good room for disease and causes bacteria to grow up. Orthodontic treatment may cause some predisposing factors but, there is no obvious reason that orthodontic treatment may cause receding gum alone. Because initially, your specialist orthodontist assures about your gum health, then begin the orthodontic treatment.

The most common sign of the gum recession is tooth sensitivity. In this condition, your teeth become more sensitive to cold, hot, sweet, spicy and acidic foods. More addition you will find that your teeth look longer than before and a dark line appears to the teeth along the gum line.

How do braces cause gum recession?

Although orthodontic treatments including braces provide you a beautiful smile by straightening your teeth and fitting your bite but sometimes they may cause gum recession. Since braces pull teeth from their natural position into a new one, so it is a lot of pulling on teeth. On the other hand, braces apply permanent compressive forces to the bone of the mouth and it can lead to inflammation and causes the bone to go away. In this condition, the gum will also follow the bone and gum recession will happen.

Prevent gum recession with braces

Although braces may cause gum recession, it is not the main reason for receding gum, oral hygiene is the primary cause. So if you watch your oral health and keep your gum health and also clean your teeth properly you can prevent gum recession with braces. You should follow all the instruction to keep your teeth clean and also refer to your dentist for cleaning at the office and prevent gum disease.

Gum recession treatment

Gum recession treatment

Usually, mild gum recession does not need treatment but you need to monitor your gums and brush your teeth gently. If you need treatment for your gum recession, there are some available options including:

  • Desensitizing agents, varnishes and dentin bonding agents: the aim of these products is to reduce the sensitivity of the exposed tooth root. Desensitizing products treat the nerve symptoms and easing the brushing of sensitive teeth which lead to proper oral hygiene.
  • Composite restoration. These products cover the surface of the root and close the black gaps between the teeth.
  • Pink porcelain or composite. This material has the same pink color as the gums and fills the gap of receded gum.
  • Removable gum veneers. These products that usually are made of acrylic or silicone will replace the large area of missing gum tissue that happens due to the recession.
  • This is another treatment for gum recession that gently moves the position of the teeth during a long time and correcting the gum margin.
  • In this method, a dental surgeon graft tissues from another site in the mouth and the tissue heals over the receded gum.

Generally, if you are considering to get braces but you are worried about the gum recession, you should know that braces don’t cause gum recession alone. Usually, a good specialist orthodontist asks about your history of gum disease and gum recession as well as your family history and after a precise dental checkup apply the orthodontic treatment.