Interesting facts about orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is a way to straight and fix misaligned and misshaped teeth, correct jaw and improve your appearance. Orthodontics is not a quick fix and it may take some months or even years to reach the results but the results will last a lifetime.

There are interesting facts about orthodontic that you may don’t know including:

1-The word orthodontics is of Greek origin.

It is interesting to know “Ortho” means correct and “Don’t” means tooth. Put these words together “orthodontics” means straight teeth.

2- your teeth will move because bone breaks down and rebuild.

Your bone will break down by cells called osteoclasts and then rebuild with osteoblast cells.

3- Your teeth move with gentle pressure over time.

Teeth can be pushed out of place and your bone can be districted but orthodontic appliance such as braces make a gentle and constant pressure to move your teeth in the right position.

4- The braces metal was first made by NASA.

Many things that today we use in our lives was developed originally for NASA. Nickel-titanium is heat-activated and can be created to remember a specific shape, is a metal that was made specifically for use in space shuttles. It is also used in some braces wires.

5- Braces are older than the United States.

Although braces may look like a modern invention the first braces were made in 1728 from a piece of metal and a thread but over the time the technology of braces has improved.

6- Famous people wear braces, too.

Most people desire to get Hollywood smile the same as celebrities. It is interesting to know that many celebrities like Tom Cruise, Chelsea Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, and Kathryn Heigle have improved their smile with orthodontic treatment.

7- People have had crooked teeth from the beginning of time.

People have had crooked teeth since the time of Neanderthal man. There are Egyptian Mummies with crude metal bands wrapped around teeth.

8- Orthodontic treatment is a professional service.

Orthodontic treatment should be applied by an expert orthodontist because each tool of orthodontics is right for a specific job and has its uses.

9- you are never too old to get braces.

Most people believe only teenagers are the right candidates for orthodontic treatment but it is a false idea. Every person at any age can benefit from orthodontics, either 8 or even 80.

10- Braces are not dangerous.

The metal that is used in braces is not magnetic so they don’t attract electricity, they won’t allow you to hear radio signals in your head, and don’t increase the chance of being hit by lightning.

11- Retainers are as important as braces.

The success of orthodontic treatment greatly depends on wearing retainers as instructed. Unfortunately, about 25 percent of patients who have brace have to again wear them because they don’t wear their retainers properly.

12- All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are orthodontists.

Actually, orthodontists are dentists who are specialized in orthodontics and only 5 percent of dentists are certified orthodontist.

orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a proper option to correct malocclusion problems such as open bite, overbite, crossbite, underbite, spacing, crowding, and misplaced midline.

There are different treatment options for orthodontics including metal, invisible, ceramic and Damon braces, retainers and clear aligners. An expert specialist orthodontics can diagnose which type of orthodontics is right for you considering various variables such as age, differences in the size of the teeth and possible jaw imbalances.