What’re the orthodontic services?

Orthodontic treatment is the best option to have a beautiful smile and a healthy bite. There are different types of orthodontic services that are used to correct different oral and dental problems such as overbite, underbite, deep bites, crossbite, malocclusion, and crocked teeth. Orthodontic treatment also prevents of lifelong problems that may be caused due to above issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ destruction, expensive dental care, bone destruction, digestive difficulties, and abnormal tooth wear.

During the last years, dental technology is improved and there are different types of orthodontic services and products that were not available in past years.

Orthodontic services for children and teens

Orthodontic services for children and teens

According to the American Association of orthodontists, the best time for children to get orthodontic services is after age 7. It is recommended to wait until all their permanent teeth come in and then begin orthodontic treatment. Early orthodontic can prevent many later dental and oral abnormalities including jaw disproportions, underbite, overbite, crossbite, deep bites, wear of teeth, excessive crowding, and injury to protruding teeth.

During the consultation appointment, an orthodontist will check your child’s teeth and provide the best orthodontic services that are required. Your doctor also determines the best time of the orthodontic treatment and the approximate length of the treatment time.

Orthodontic services for adults

Orthodontic services for adults

Today the number of adults who get orthodontic treatment is more than before because of the new technologies like Invisalign and porcelain braces. Generally, there is no age limitation for orthodontic treatment and people at any age can benefit from orthodontic services. But the adult’s orthodontic process is longer than children because adult’s bone is completely grown and they may need to do surgery for some structural changes. They need also to see a periodontist, general dentists and then an orthodontist to make sure about their bone’s status and the possibility of gum disease.

Different types of orthodontic services

There are different types of orthodontic services more than what most people think exist. Depending on the patient’s oral health as well as overall health, they can benefit from orthodontic services.

Metal braces

This type of orthodontic appliance attaches to the teeth for a determined time. The wires of metal brace tighten on the teeth in order to move them into the proper position and correct bite and alignment issues.


They are removable clear plastic aligners that can improve simple and complicated alignment issues. You can remove them when you want to eat, brush or floss your teeth. During the treatment processes, you will receive a new set of aligners every two weeks as your teeth move to the proper position.

Lingual braces

This type of brace made up of brackets and wires but attach to the back of the teeth so they are invisible and people around you can’t find you are wearing a brace. Since lingual braces attache back of your teeth and they are difficult to reach so you may have some difficulty to clean them as well as speech difficulty at the first.

Ceramic braces

Same as metal braces, ceramic braces are tooth-colored brackets made of ceramic. Ceramic braces are less visible compared to the metal brace and should be clean carefully in order to prevent food and drink staining on ceramic.


When you wear off your brace you have to wear a retainer on top or bottom teeth or both for at least six months in order to prevent the shift back of your teeth to the last position. On the other hand, retainers may be used instead of brace for minor alignment issues.


There is also a surgical option as an orthodontic service that applies for straightening teeth with an overbite, underbite or jaw misalignment. During the surgery, the gums and bones which hold the teeth will be moved into the proper position.






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