Common misconceptions about orthodontic treatment

If you are considering orthodontic treatment for improving your dental deformity and your smile you should aware of some common misconceptions about orthodontic treatment. Today orthodontic treatment becomes popular but still, some people have some false ideas about this procedure.

Kids should see an orthodontist.

There is no age limitation for orthodontic treatment and you can benefit from orthodontic at any age. Adults can apply for having a healthy and beautiful smile at any age.

Children should apply for orthodontic treatment when all their adult teeth come out.

It is recommended children see an orthodontist at the age of 7 when their baby teeth are fall and their jaw is still growing.

Orthodontic treatment will take a long time.

Generally, the duration of orthodontic treatment is varying among different people and depends on the severity of their issue and the speed in which their teeth move. But usually, patients have a brace for two years while for someones may take longer or less.

There is no difference between a dentist and an orthodontist.

There are many similarities between dentist and specialist orthodontist, in other words, all specialist orthodontists are certified dentist, but not all dentists are an orthodontist. Orthodontists usually are specialized in correcting tooth and jaw alignment. While dentists can help patients keep a healthy and beautiful smile through scaling, X-ray and surgery.

People apply for orthodontic treatment just for cosmetic reasons.

Although most people undergo orthodontic treatment to gain a beautiful and straight smile, it can improve bad bite or misaligned jaw and remove pain. Orthodontic treatment also helps to improve sleep apnea and ease pressure on the teeth that caused them placed unevenly.

When you get a brace, there is no need to follow up appointments.

Many people think the follow-up appointments after brace is just for checking the progress of their treatment. But they should visit a general dentist to ensure the health of their teeth and gums during the orthodontic treatment. More addition they should visit their orthodontists regularly to check whether their teeth are at risk and in case of need prolong the length of their treatment.

If you want orthodontic treatment you should wear metal braces.

Some people don’t like a traditional metal brace, they can get different alternatives such as ceramic braces, lingual braces, plates, Invisalign and clear aligner.

Anyone who offers orthodontics is an orthodontist.

Many general dentists who only complete a short course about orthodontics, unfortunately, offer orthodontic treatment. It is very important that you visit an expert orthodontist who has many experiences in this field for your orthodontic work.

Orthodontic and brace are too expensive.

There are different orthodontic treatment options at different price and you can have a payment plan for your treatment.

Braces break easily.

Your orthodontists cement permanent and fixed brace to your teeth and they are usually durable and are proper for normal use.

You can straighten your teeth at home.

There are some over the counter treatment options for straitening teeth but they work only for a limited time. You need to see a professional orthodontist for orthodontic treatment to prevent any possible damage during the treatment.