Which orthodontic treatment is best?

Today there are different orthodontic treatment options not only for children also for adults. The number of adults who apply for orthodontic treatment is increasing and it is becoming more popular than before. If you are considering orthodontic treatment don’t worry about traditional metal brace which is visible because you have other choices such as clear and invisible braces. If you want to know which orthodontic treatment is best you can have a general search about different types of orthodontic treatment and then consult with an expert orthodontist about this issue.

Find the reasons

First, you should ask your self why you want to get a brace. Most people decide to undergo orthodontic treatment because of their misaligned or crooked teeth that cause jaw problems, excessive tooth wear, and unhealthy bite. Many people want to have a beautiful smile and appearance while some others have a small mouth that causes tooth crowding or a large mouth with much space between their teeth. Genetic that can cause underbites and overbites, or even some habits during childhood like sucking a thumb or biting lips, are other reasons that adults apply for orthodontic treatment.

Consult with your orthodontist

 orthodontic treatment

During the consultation appointment, inform your orthodontist about your reasons for having orthodontic treatment and ask him/her to explain to you the best orthodontic treatment option. Then according to your lifestyle and your preference you can choose a traditional option or removable aligners also referred to as invisible braces. You can remove the removable aligner as needed for example in your business meeting or your date.


It is better before deciding for orthodontic treatment, you educate yourself about different orthodontic treatment options, adults’ available options and even about how to care your teeth during the orthodontic treatment.

Who is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Generally, orthodontic treatment is suitable for all adults and children with the following conditions:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Deep bite
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Excessive spacing between the teeth
  • Realignment of the teeth prior to the placement of veneers, crowns, implants or even dentures
  • Jaw and facial asymmetry


Clear aligners (Invisalign)

It is one of the most popular options for adults who are considering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are removable custom-made plastic that will be placed over the teeth and gently move the teeth to the proper position. You can remove them when you are eating and drinking or when you want to clean them but you should wear them for 20-22 hours a day. Invisalign is an effective and comfortable option for people who are sensitive about their appearance and also have enough attention and care for their clear aligners.


When we talk about brace everyone just remembers the traditional metal braces. But today there are tooth-colored or clear ceramic braces which are more small and comfortable compare to the traditional ones.  Generally, braces are one of the best ways that provide you effective results during a short time.

Lingual braces

The act of lingual brace is the same as traditional brace but they just attach to the back of the teeth instead of to the front. So we can say the only truly invisible option in orthodontic treatment is lingual brace because no one can see them. They are more expensive than the traditional brace and also take a longer time to place and adjust.




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