Fixed Braces Orthodontics

Small ceramic or metal brackets are used in fixed braces orthodontics.

Each bracket is glued to a tooth and is linked to other brackets by thin wires. Then they are held in place using elastic rings. The wires will adjust over time to straighten the teeth and fix the positioning of the jaw. In this type of orthodontics, all the parts are fixed and you can’t remove them from your mouth.

Tooth and jaw corrections can easily be made using fixed braces. One benefit of this type of orthodontics is that there will be no plastic plate placed in the roof of your mouth and your speech and eating will not be affected.

Are fixed braces suitable for me?

In your first appointment, your orthodontist will explain all the options and will also examine whether fixed orthodontics is suitable for you.

It is never too late to use fixed braces. There are many patients who use this method to correct their teeth in their retirement.

Benefits of fixed braces

  • Fixed braces will help straightening the teeth and it is easier to keep them clean.
  • Fixed braces not only make the teeth look better, they also will improve your oral hygiene and reduce the risk of gum diseases in the future.
  • One of the major advantages of fixed braces is that the orthodontist doesn’t need to rely on the patient’s cooperation.
  • Unlike removable braces that may not be placed in the right location or may not be used at all by the patient, fixed braces are always at their place doing their job.
  • With fixed braces, there is less chance for teeth to get back to their initial positions after treatment, because they are fixed in correct positions 100 percents of the time.

Length of treatment

To straighten the teeth with fixed braces will usually take between 6 to 22 months.

The length of treatment depends on the complexity of the required adjustments to straighten the teeth.

Once the fixed braces are in place, you should refer to your orthodontist every 4 to 8 weeks to replace the wires.

After removing the braces, it is necessary to use plastic retainers till you are assured that your teeth will remain in their new positions. In the beginning, it is essential to use the retainers full-time. However, as your teeth stabilize in their new positions, the duration to wear retainers can be reduced.

Follow the advice of your orthodontist to make sure that your teeth don’t return to their initial positions.

Treatment experience

Fixed brace treatment is completely pain-free. You may feel a little discomfort when the braces are mounted or the wires are adjusted. However, this should pass quickly. Mild painkillers can be beneficial in these situations.

Achieving the best results with fixed braces

Keeping appointments with your orthodontist, following the advice provided to you and taking care of your oral hygiene during and after your treatment can all be effective to achieving the best results.

How to look after your braces

Braces are delicate appliances and to prevent potential damage, it is advised to strictly avoid hard, sticky and sweet food and drinks while wearing braces.

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