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Although there is no age limitation for orthodontics treatment most orthodontists are believed that the best time for having orthodontic treatment is when all baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth start coming in (around age 7).
Yes, there isn’t any problem with doing sports while in treatment. Just the sports, in which there is a chance of getting hurt in the face, should be avoided as much as possible or a mouth protector should be used. If the patient is using removable braces, he should take out the orthodontic appliance before sports.
Yes, braces should be applied on all your teeth, and the treatment will take between 15 to 24 months.
Anonymous :
The braces that are applied on my teeth are loose and fall off all the time. I return to my doctor and he places them back, but they fall off again. What is the solution?
Dr. Hadi Darvishpour :
The adhesion strength of braces weakens when they fall off for the first time. Though, you should share the problem with your own doctor.
If the abnormalities of your teeth are not severe, invisible orthodontics can also be used, because invisible appliances are made from ceramic and don’t have the capability of metal appliances. By invisible orthodontics, we mean when tooth-colored braces and wires are used or when braces are applied at the back of the teeth, which is called “lingual orthodontics”.
This condition is called gummy smile and it can be treated with removable orthodontics.
Yes, your problem can be solved with orthodontics.
Orthodontics can be done just for one jaw, but it’s best to get braces on both jaws in order to align them together.
Yes, there are tooth colored braces and wires available. For more information on orthodontics methods that are not noticeable or are less noticeable, please refer to the following articles: Invisalign Braces Damon Braces Lingual Orthodontics
Anonymous :
Hi. I have an appointment next week to have fixed orthodontics for both jaws. I want to know, can I smoke shisha or cigarettes once the braces are installed?
Dr. Hadi Darvishpour :
Hi. It’s better not to smoke for the sake of the health of your teeth, because since you have braces on your teeth, the risk of tooth decay increases as a result of poor oral hygiene during the orthodontic treatment.