Recently some products such as AcceleDent and Propel have been created that can speed up the brace treatment
  Generally, it depends on many factors such as your age or the reason you want to have a brace, but your doctor after the checkup session can diagnose the right brace for you.
  It is never late for orthodontic treatment; it doesn’t matter you are 8 or 80. You can have a brace at any age.
  There is no specific time for orthodontic treatment for everyone. It depends on the type of treatment and your orthodontic needs. Although, today there are some way to faster adult orthodontic process.
  If you have any dental issue you should first refer to a dentist. He/ she will check your teeth and in case of need refer you to an orthodontist.
  all specialist orthodontists are certified dentist, but not all dentists are an orthodontist. Orthodontists usually are specialized in correcting tooth and jaw alignment. While dentists can help patients keep a healthy and beautiful smile through scaling, X-ray and surgery
  No, first you should see a general dentist to clean your teeth. Because an orthodontist is not responsible to clean your teeth.
It is difficult for you to determine if your child needs an orthodontic problem or not because sometimes the front teeth look straight but your child may need orthodontic treatment. A general dentist or orthodontist can diagnose whether your child needs orthodontic treatment or not.